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From PRL's Archive was a series of historical documentary about the time of Polish' socialism, made by TVP Historia from 2007 to 2009. Every part of the series included a short animations inspired by a persuasive posters. I wrote title music and soundtracks for all animations. To give you just an overview about the stories look at short animation to the right (the text means "Policeman your friend and defender").
I put this music back here for two reasons: First to show you a various musical styles I can use.
Second because the time where government gives you a lie as a truth seems to come back. The sad part of this is that Polish TV (TVP) use now exactly the same methods as on the posters they laugh at just a decade ago...
Demo video

Demo reel 1

Demo reel (2007)

Demo reel 2

Demo reel (2008)

Demo reel 3

Demo reel (2009)
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